All meetings organized by the league MUST be attended by a representative of the teams. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £50.00.
You will be responsible for any bank charges incurred due to bounced cheques.

Results Notification

• No Pro-Player (International current/former, Franchise cricket, first-class, list A) is allowedto participate in Midland Cricket League.
• All results MUST be sent by text League WhatsApp group at the completion of each game. 07417525075 text, till 10 pm………….

Any team failing to do this will be deducted 5 points.
EXAMPLE: – Name of Team sending Text
“Team A, 120 for 6 in 19.4 Overs. V Bali 54. M. Singh 5 for 28.
Team B, 124 for 7 in 10.4 Overs. S Kumar 68. M Sharma 5 for 28.

• Every team must ensure they are present at the ground 30 minutes prior to the start of thegame.
• TOSS will take place 15 mins prior to start time and each team must ensure they have a minimum of 8 players present at the ground. If not, the opposition team will be considered to won the toss. If any team will arrive on the ground afterward the starting time, it has to bear the penalties. There is a one-over deduction for every 4 minutes delay.
• The text must contain both teams’ scores, the Overs and balls they have bowled and faced, and the player and team name of anyone scoring 50 runs or more, taking 4 or more wickets, Hattrick.
• Any team can register a maximum of 25 players. If a team plays with a player who is not registered, they will receive a penalty of 20 points, even if it is discovered later.
• Each player must wear an identical colorful kit, either you will not be permitted to participate in the game.
• Spikes are not allowed outside the cricket field e.g. clubhouse, kitchen, bar, toilet, etc.
• Smoking (including vapes) is prohibited on the cricket field. Please use the designated smoking area.
• Each team playing Semi-final and final, MUST ensure that all their playing 11 must have played at least 1 game (of particular the format) for their registered team.
• Each team captain and umpire must ensure to sign the scorebook after each game.
• No substitutes are allowed for runners.
• Batting side must update the scoreboard after each over.
• Bring your scorer with you if possible.
• On getting out, the new batsman will face the next ball.
• On free hit ball, if the batsman gets bold out, still he can take runs.
• On free hit ball, the fielding positions cannot be changed.
• If bales do not get down during stump or any other cases then play will be supposed to be not out.
• If any player marks a complaint against any bowler for his balling action, then the final decision will be of the umpire whether he will be allowed for the balling in the match or not.
• If any player of the team will be found Mankad run out first time in any match (Run out of the batsman on the balling end by the baller before making a ball), it will be supposed to a final warning to the whole team on the same match.
• Each team must register their players by 15 May.
• Any player wishing to switch teams, must do it before 15 May if he remains unable to play any match from the existing team.
• Each player must ensure to wear all necessary protection including abdominal guard, gloves, pads, etc. We encourage each player to wear a helmet. Else the player will be asked to leave the field.
• Umpire’s performance out of 10, 0 being the lowest,10 being the highest.

Responsibility of The Team Captain

• Making all your team members aware of all the Rules and Regulations, this includes any changes or additions. No excuses, i.e, “He was a new player”, or any other reasonwill be accepted for non-compliance with the rules;
• Batting team captain may be requested to provide umpires in case of unforeseen circumstances when the umpire isn’t present.
• New Batsmen must be on the crease within 3 minutes of falling of the previous wicket else will be given out by the umpire.
• All no-balls will be no-balls and will be a free hits.
• Bowler will get a warning after the first beamer and if the same is repeated by the same bowler then he will not be allowed to ball in the same match.
• Walking onto the field of play while a match is being played to protest/confront the Umpire or the opposing team will receive a minimum penalty of a two-match ban; The Captain will also be banned for 2 matches. This decision will only be made. After a reportis received from the Umpire;
• The Umpire may call the game off and the match awarded to the opposition. In caseswhere both teams are affected then, the match will be Void and Both Teams deducted 10 points. If any team is not agreed with the umpire’s decision then the

Match will be declared to win for the opposite team.

• If there are any disputes or disagreements, then please complete the innings beforeraising them with the Umpire (Don’t stop the GAME.)
• All points accrued in matches against Team/s leaving the League will be deleted.
• For 30 overs game, the first 8 overs will be a power play, and only 2 players are allowedoutside the 30-yard circle, or it will be a no-ball.
• For the T20 overs game, the first 6 overs will be a power play, and only 2 players are allowedoutside the 30-yard circle, or it will be a no-ball.
• Leg Umpire only can make run-out decisions if he is from the batting side.
• Maximum 5 fielders are allowed outside the 30 yards circle after the power play, or it will be a no-ball.
• In the case of ‘Tie’ where both the teams end up with the same runs at the end of the game,then there will be 1 Superover game for all the formats. If a super-over game will remain tied, then another super-over game will be played.
• Fields are only allowed to substitute in case of serious injury and by umpire’sauthorization. Substitute fielder is not allowed to bowl, wicket-keep or captaincy.
• It will be the responsibility of ALL Home Teams to hire the Wickets, Bails, 30 Yard Disks, andBoundary markers in case the groundsman doesn’t provide them.
• For Any rule not mentioned in the rule book, Umpire will go with ICC rules.

The umpire’s decision is final

Teams –
ID Cards to be disclosed at the time of Toss of players playing and presented to Umpire andOpposing Team Captain and agreed.
No subs can be used for absent or late players.

Each inning allowed a maximum of 1hr 30 minutes. 10 Mins innings break after the first inning is allowed.
Each inning is allowedamaximum of 2hr 20 minutes. 15 Minutes innings breakafter the first inning is allowed.
No player will be allowed to join the fielding team after the 8th over is completed for 30 overs formatand will have to wait the same amount of overs to do bowling and wicketkeeping.
No player will be allowed to join the fielding team after the 6th over is completed for the T20 format andwill have to wait the same amount of overs to do bowling and wicketkeeping.
Only 22 new balls will be provided to each team, if you wish to have more balls, then the team has to buy them from the League Secretary which will cost approx. £8.
The bowling team will be responsible for extra balls.
The match fee must be paid by each team to the umpire at the beginning of the game in cash (£88).
As a rule of thumb, a Toss will be 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, also if & players are not present (not in cars) the team will lose the toss.
No abuse of any kind will be tolerated if reported to the league the minimum penalty will be a 2-match ban, and a written appeal will be allowed by 12pm Wednesday, this is the Wednesdayfollowing the Sunday whether the incident occurred. In the appeal, the Penalty may decrease or increase

Point System for both formats;

Winning Team – Full 20 Pts
Losing Team – Bonus Pts only

Bonus pts – 30 Overs                                                                           Bonus pts – 20

180 and above-5pts
160-180 runs – 4 pts                                                                            160 or above – 5 pts
130-159 runs – 3 pts                                                                            140-159 – 4 pts
100-129 runs – 2 pts                                                                            120-139 – 3 pts
Less than 100 – 0 Pts                                                                           80-119 – 2 pts
Less than 80 – 0 pts

Bowling Bonus Points – Both formats All out – 5 pts
7 – 9 wickets – 4 pts
5 – 6 wickets – 3 pts
3 – 4 wickets – 2 pts
Less than 3 – 0 pts

Cup for Winner (both Format) Runners up Trophy.

T20 Cup:
The top team in the table will be qualified
for to final automatically.
2nd Team Vs 4th Team and
3rd Team vs 5th Team

T 20 Shield:
6th team on the table will go to the final automatically.
7th Team Vs 9th Team
8th Team Vs 10th team

T 30 Cup:
The top team in the table will be qualified for to final automatically.
2nd Team Vs 4th Team and
3rd Team vs 5th Team

Prize Money

Winner £1500
Runner-Up £700

Winner – £1000 Runner-up – £500
T20 Shield:
Trophy for winner and runner-up.

Player of the Season Batsmen of the season Bowler of the season
Wicket-Keeper of the season